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I waited a long time for this. I was patient. I was resilient. - Michelle Yeoh 

A boundary-pushing, genre-defying history maker for over four decades, Michelle Yeoh’s star has never dimmed: but we’re thrilled it’s finally being celebrated. 

The Oscar and BAFTA nominee has always been confident and comfortable as much in the world of secret agents as wuxia icons, never breaking a sweat while ripping up the rulebook of what an action star, romantic lead, overwhelmed mother and all-round imperfect woman can do. We’re proud to have teamed up with Letterboxd to celebrate her latest critically acclaimed effort with 2022’s highest rated film Everywhere Everything All At Once: a culmination of everything Yeoh has been showing the world for years, finally being granted her much deserved flowers.

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Iana wears a Reg M and Kelsey wears a Reg L. Photographed at Soif Studios by Ella Kemp.

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